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Title: I've conceded! The People are in large MAGGOTS and should Need to Be Stoned.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 27, 2012, 12:51:37 pm
 I mean, as if I didn't need another example of the incompetence ....

Naw....  I changed my mind. Someone made a jolly! silly mistake, which I fixed up. I still love everybody. żEven my enemies? Jeepers, creepers, surely I'm joking. I think I must be! Because the phrase 'love your enemy' is 110% certain of biblical origins and it doesn't mean: "Yes, I enjoyed that last brick, please throw another";  - it means to inform them of the truth, Biblical Truth actually, not political. There are those that would say that every act has Political ramifications or is an act of Political consequences, but Jesus Christ would have probably quite firmly rebuked anybody for attempting to draw comparison between the Violence of the Politically Active anti-Roman Zealots and his own entirely 'God's Word' type Spiritual movement. Remember all great Spiritual leaders are always assasinated by the Religious and Political Establishment because they cannot accept anyone knows better than they, obviously. But that's just to keep you informed. After all I am a son of the Mothers of the Ministry of War. I am indeed as Christ instructed we are to be: 'As peaceable as Doves, and Cautious as a Snake.'

 Game plan of Global Monitors to change accordingly.

— You do know that all your thoughts expressed online, whether in intentional groups or in metaphysical non-intentional (ever changing structure) groups, - are monitored by an extensible network of computers.
 -The First Tier of these 'Spy-on-the-Web-Networks' are manually controlled and managed by humans at the US-NAU based 'Fusion-Centre'  level and the data/information from these is forwarded to a higher echelon or level run entirely independantly by a predatory ET & human enhanced AI-learning system brought to Earth in 1998 called 'Xe' don't you!?

 You don't; you didn't? I'm agast. Well I'm not completely sure I do. But it would explain a lot and I can't disregard what my eyes have seen. Not that this event was entirely corroborated proof in of itself. But I like to think, that on this occasion my 'Instinct' in this case, so often as that of other Infoworriers as such is bandied about as being 'almost always right' every time, is most probably pretty much on the ball, on this occasion.
—See what I did there? Phew man, - Semantics man, Semantics!!
 - Well, all I can say is to use that timeworn colloguialism : "You learn something new everyday, and it's good to do something that scares you a bit, each day too".