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Title: The Latent Heat of Catalysis: We Reach a Tipping Point for The Personality Cult
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 14, 2012, 02:22:43 pm
 The latest (just now) guest counter to this forum speaks volumes.
That's 147 Guests.

 In physics. The Latent Heat of 'such and such' an action on a material, whether gaseous, liguid, frozen or solid etc., is the tiny amount of extra energy to for instance convert a metal at the point of melting, but still solid, into a liguid WITHOUT NB WITHOUT ANY Increase in Temperature of the sample/metal.

It's a usually TINY amount of Kinetic Energy, which is very Equatable to the Metaphysical Worlds' "Tipping-Point". Once you're gone beyond the tipping point, there's no going-back to the previous conditions. And you lot in Britain better start defending yourselves - primarily, sadly against eachother.

That's where the enemy has embedded itself; in the behaviours and mindsets of a million gormless twerps.
And also in the Propagandist's Personality Cult Schedule.

You Lost and Forlorn, Branded yet Useless, Puerile & Prurient Band of MeatHeads.