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Title: Is UK Breeding a Criminal Class fed on Priviledge, or just floating 'Us v Them'?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 08, 2012, 09:39:27 am
One Front page of yesterday's 07 June, 2012's Regional Scottish Press:

'Police Officer dismissed after 'slapping' a Serial Offender.'

  "I was treated as though I had committed a murder"  !!!!!

reported the officer concerned to the Press concerned (sic).

Now, think about it, bearing in mind what's been said and pointed out previously, extensively & painstakingly on occasion in these pages.
How nice it would be, if embedded, serial-criminals with easily suggestible minds, and a fearless grudge or 'chip-on-the-old-shoulder', could be called upon, by some hi-tech prompt from the TV or radio to action against not so much the law-abiding & wealthy but 'different'-thinking, aspiring sons of the middle-class or whoever is seen as a stick-in-the-mud regarding total implosion of a long-lost societies' former values, at the moment! What a nightmare. But some of us, get to see, nay - realize, that maybe this suggestion has been more than a mere dream going on, in the hours of darkness.

how convenient it would be ... and we know it can be done via hypnosis and prompt, let alone with the added 'buzzz' that stems from the adminstration of large amounts of Prescription Drugs

Serial Criminals in this country, are time-after-time being given the green light to think that what they've done is just another behaviour on a wide spectrum of 'useless-eater' or other 'sub-human' behaviours. To this 'rule' I expound; the exception is no longer the majority, as during the middle of the last century's history shows us, but the minority - those most likely to have sufficient respect and influence with their superiors and peers, - to be able to rig the game ...

Then you lot could even be Patronized and Sedated with 'to the public' type messages of:

See also:
Policeman ordered to undergo further training after swearing at abusive criminal.
26 Jul 2009

A police sergeant has been ordered to undertake a "management advice course" because he swore while dealing with a violent and abusive criminal who had threatened officers during a two-hour siege.

Title: Re: Is UK Breeding a Criminal Class fed on Priviledge, or just floating 'Us v Them'?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 08, 2012, 01:56:15 pm
And I'm not talking about the Quasi-Entrepreneur Type of Con as pulled off by well Eulogised Frank Abignail Jnr. - of 'Catch-me-if-You-Can' Historical Rendition ... now probably still working for the FBI as counter-forgery mind.

No, that's just youthful vigour and latent genius looking for a way out of dullsville.

I dissaprove and name crime particularly as that originating from meanness, from the wicked conspiratorial hatching of plots to hurt others ... for to put innocent folk down ... to wreck lives.

A quite different beast altogether, from a completely different BREED of Maligne & Bilious Human excrement.

Enjoying the Sport so-far?

 There's nothing like the sound of the Shallow, jumping in at the Deep.

 And, where those worst of all criminals are going, they're gonna see all the Sport they can imagine ...
  ... more than your wildest fantasies fulfilled can come up with.