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Title: M.O.S.I.R.S. US Military Occupation Recruitment Video that never quite made #1
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 03, 2012, 04:30:44 pm

= Military Occupation Specialty Internment Resettlement Specialist.

Wow, Recruit your own ass now and become A Specialist for the Specialty Department of....

Feckwits Enforcement of Military Agenda or FEMA. It's even worse than the real nightmare.

But no, although you're getting used to Homeland Security meaning Foreign Invasion and/or 'Regime-Change', actually this recruitment video from THE NATIONAL GUARD is for 'major' level ex-service people who might like to get some hands-on dealing face-to-face with the 'American Civilian Public' before they're actually forced to stand in a queue for a burger, and similar hard to handle situations of everyday life back on 'civvie-street'.

Yes, there is a huge network of internment and resettlement camps controlled most recently by FM 3.39.40, and about 200 other Homeland Security Bills and unconstitutional Enforcements of full blown Military dicatorship.

You know the rest. You've seen Baghdad on a good night, and Chicago or Detroit on a bad one.

Mo' Sirs to you too, sir, Sir Yes Sir, now eat some goddamn lead with your breakfast.

Full Metal Jacket: And YOUR opportunity to live the dream, is my friend, at last nearly with us.