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Title: ELITE BOATRACE HALTED as CAMBRIDGE stumble into Oxford Team's Decapitated Head.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 08, 2012, 04:31:58 am
"How did your head get stuck on the end of one of OUR oars?" "Are you asleep Man?"
 - shouts Cambridge Cox!
Race for the canteen, and lunch, gets restarted.


The Decapitated head was retrieved from the water and taken to Bow Magistrates where one report has it that the head lolled out from a M&S shopping-bag, remarking to a number of officers present, and a sitting magistrate:

~~ "In this Centenary Year of The Titanic and all that Fox Cinema Recreation says about the end of British Elitism, and the British Empire, I decided to bob-up now to show what filth is floating in the Thames today.
My actions are a directed complaint against Elitism".

A spokesperson for THE OXFORD BOATCREW denies any responsibility for the head in the water.
 - Oxon' Press Officer: -
"Our Motto is 'We struggle For Excellence'. But we were late for the off anyway, and there's a reason for that! We get to do nothing else but row up and down Father Thames in our boat all year.
  And that is Excellent!"

And an unusual twist to events; as efforts continue to identify how 'The Head of The Oars' remained undetected by even the opposing team's Coxon, until the last moment; as Oxford based Radiohead were forced to issue a rebutal to allegations that the slow reactions of the Opposite team were either, neither or in in any other way a radio-controlled radiohead stunt to highlight a series of non-stop 3rd World anti-Capitalist campaigns they are spear-heading in London this Week, if you follow a few more of The Bends in The Thames down to the O2 centre. - "Our Politics are anti-elitist but we prefer to ere on the side of where the big money is",
announced Jonnie 'There will be Blood' Greenwood head apparently hung in shame.

The Encounter with fate, on the water, as seen from a nearby Rescue Buoy..
" Oh, my God, That's Ridiculuzz! ...
The Idoits! ..."

... Will the misery never end?.

Yes it will, one day. We're not sure when. We'll keep you posted. Tata for the now.