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Title: A Social Service 'Nether-World' & Gulag Family Courts exposé by a Former Soldier
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on January 28, 2012, 04:16:57 am
The book the Gulag of the Family Courts as been written from the perspective of an ordinary parent, who along with his wife, was falsely accused of harming his daughter, when in fact she was ill and the doctors knew this to be the case, from the daughter's medical records. However, the mother had inadvertently fallen out with a paediatrician, which resulted in the false allegations being made. Angry, traumatised and curious, that such a situation should occur; the parents ( author and his wife) immersed themselves in researching the different strands of false allegations that lead to the Family Courts and drew on the experiences, case files and information provided by other parents, journalists and elected officials.

The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not even known to Parliament, is not accountable to its Minister in Parliament and about which the press are forbidden to report, under pain of immediate imprisonment. The scandal concerns a huge number of false allegations made against innocent and vulnerable parents in 'secret', so that their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into an industry of 'connections', in a nether world that excludes the press and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable


• The book clearly identifies that Essex County Council senior officials have been engaged in a determined policy of misleading their elected County Councillors, misleading the department responsible for awarding Beacon Status Award, misleading their department minister, obstructing elected officials and protecting those 'public officials' who have abused their office and in some cases this has resulted in Essex County Council protecting those engaged in criminal offences against innocent members of the public and their children.

• The duplicity of the DCA and its minister, Harriet Harman MP QC, is exposed
• Parliament, the Courts own minister, the press and the public have also been kept in the dark concerning the secret trials of ordinary members of the public, who have been jailed after secret court trials, from which the press have been cleverly excluded.
• The dynamics that have propelled the Guligans to increase ever more, the pressure on the public and families, so as to create situations that will favour social engineering and increase the domain and range of social workers and their ideological proxies, is laid bare.
• The political footprint of New Labour and its distrust of ordinary families is hard to ignore. The book has identified it clearly.
• Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy ( MSBP ) and an alphabet soup of excuses that have allowed ordinary and vulnerable parents to be targeted, lose their babies and children to Care and adoption and hence supply the waiting industry of ‘charities’ and other ideological fellow travellers, is clearly identified. All have contributed to creating an atmosphere that is best defined as ‘baby farming’, without the innocent mothers realising that they are actually surrogates; carrying their children for others who are deemed ‘more suitable’, to satisfy New Labour’s policy of social engineering by stealth.


Are things really this bad!?

Title: Re: A Social Service 'Nether-World' & Gulag Family Courts exposé by a Former Soldier
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on February 09, 2012, 01:15:04 am
Whatever your stance on Parent responsibility being lower than it used to during 'the good times' there's no doubt about it: SOCIAL SERVICES won't deny it when you confront them with the suggestion, as I have done, that they are in an ideal position to go along with the deterioration of the country and economy and parenting standards in order to feather their own career nests. (I don't have any children, and never have had).

—¿Are they bitter about not having yet taken total control over the welfare budget at a local Prefecture Level?


It was on Prime Time early Morning BBC Radio News this morning that since the 'Baby-P' episode of child neglect 4 years ago, there has been a 400% increase in application for child seizures from parents by local Social Services (or the Council, as BBC refers to it, - good old trusy ¿"local council") adding in the BBC News report that there have been 903 such care-orders, in england & wales, since the 'Baby-P' episode.