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Title: The Sound of Pirate Radio in 1973. Radio Aquarius, Manchester, UK.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 13, 2011, 06:41:29 pm
The Genuine sound of Alternate Pirate radio in 1973 ... Radio Aquarius, Manchester, UK.

Recognise the approach ... a strong groove towards, 'we became active because we were given no choice' ..

A transmitter site.

Self-deprecating and fearless ... check out the other tubes ...
MSM interviewer:
.."Chris & Pete and Steve, I can see you sitting out here on the moors, rather excitedly waiting to be found out by the PO detector van, but what are the other charms of it?"
.. "Well it's really to provide an alternative radio for the people to listen to, because ever since August 1976 when the marine radio offences act was introduced (to deal with Radio Caroline) all the offshore radio stations were closed down and all the people in england had no ...."

In Manchester, there was petty little alternative to BBC radio (local and National) with from my poor memory, of the late 70's, Radio Piccadilly in the Precinct shopping centre next to the University complex at Oxford Rd., Manchester; playing only PaP music all day long.