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Title: Swedish Gov't Lies to Parliament re: Cost of EU Military Commitment
Post by: Bad Penny on April 11, 2011, 01:42:05 am

2010 Evaluation by the Swedish National Audit Office

On October 29, 2010 the findings of an official audit by the Swedish National Audit Office was published which concluded with fundamental weaknesses in the organization's logistics capabilties, internal cooperation and personnel supply. According to the National Auditor, Jan Landahl, the Nordic Battle Group also suffered from inadequate control over expenditures and reporting from the Swedish cabinet to the parliament was also unsatisfactory. The audit office's report found that twice as many Swedish soldiers were assigned to the Battle Group compared to what the 2004 mandate had assigned, and the costs to the Swedish government was in the multiples of what the parliament had been told.[5]

In advance of fiscal year 2008 the Swedish Armed Forces were critically underfunded, and this led to Battle Group personnel being dismissed.[5]


Here's a Nordic Battlegroup recruiting ad (the .nu at the end of the web address stands for "Nordic Union") which clearly refers to a third-world interventionist role for the battlegroup (more likely for the entire EU military force):


EDIT: Why a recruitment ad for a country with universal conscription (the ad is in English probably to to attract Irish recruits, as Ireland is a contributor of forces to the Nordic Battlegoup, but it was clearly filmed in Sweden, indicating that it was, at least partly, intended for a Swedish audience)?  Because the Swedish army doesn't conscript for units to be deployed (such as in UN operations or in EU Battlegroups).  These billets are filled by volunteers, thus the recruitment ads.