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Title: Your Friends and Family Are Probably Iodine Deficient...Sea Salt
Post by: 37 on March 14, 2011, 12:18:43 pm
Sea Salt is not iodized.  Many people have switched to sea salt for health reasons, which is great.

But, it also may means that they have not replaced that source of Iodine.

It's important to point this out without sounding alarmist about the Japanese Nuclear meltdown.
Deficiency illnesses in industrialized countries? Yes, they occur, at least when we’re talking about the trace element iodine. Iodine was first isolated in 1811, from the ashes of marine algae. The body requires between 150 and 200 micrograms of this element daily in order to produce the thyroid hormones. These hormones control oxygen consumption and heat production, and affect many other bodily functions — from growth to the central nervous system. If there is insufficient iodine, the first signs of a thyroid problem often soon follow, including swollen eyelids, or a feeling of fatigue and lack of motivation.

As the illness progresses, a goiter — referred to as a “struma” by physicians — can develop. It’s the clearest, most visible result of iodine deficiency, which is the cause of nine out of ten goiter cases. The only effective preventive measure against iodine deficiency is to provide supplements of the element. But that isn’t always easy in a normal diet. The last ice age washed the element out and into the sea. As a result, most natural foods are low in iodine, except for seafood, fish, and algae.

Most people feel somewhat fatigued, so suggesting a new source of iodine doesn't sound paranoid.

Just saying that if you approach people about getting iodine, they may react as Alex described on the show today...they laugh at you for being a "paranoid conspiracy theorist".

You don't even have to mention "radiation" when suggesting people increase their iodine...who wants a goiter? 

I just think it's important we let everyone know they should get some iodine in their thyroid...especially since there is increased radiation in the atmosphere.